Born 1979

  • 1992 - 1995 high school of engineering in Kopřivnice
  • 1995 - 1999 high school of ART in Ostrava
  • 2013 - 2019 Art academy in Ostrava

I have been working as a freelance graphic designer and artistic painter since 1999.

As an independent professional, I work as a senior graphic designer and art director for a number of established companies and organizations, as well as on smaller one-off projects.

My paintings have been purchased by art collectors and displayed in renowned galleries all over Central Europe. Thanks to my dual expertise, I am able to enhance my designs with subtle artistic qualities on the one hand, and deliver complex artistic assignments on the other.

I realized 24 individual exhibitions. Over two hundred of my art works have found a new home. I am represented in private collections in the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia.

My art has two main streams - I paint motifs from nature and create steel paintings.
Art lovers and collectors praise the positive, relaxing atmosphere of my paintings. I paint with all my heart and full conviction, as well as fascination and immersion in the subject of the painting. My goal is to convey my perception of colors and the colorful scent of the world to other people. As a painter, I want to be clear, authentic and evoke positive emotions in people.

I live in a large colorful garden near the Odra river. My art is profoundly influenced by my intimate relationship with nature, my positive and warm feelings towards her and her transformations over the seasons of the yea r. It all gives me the knowledge and inspiration to dream, as well as authenticity and veracity of the topics and ideas in my paintings. When I switch my perspective and look around through artistic eyes, I see inspiration everywhere.

But thanks to my family line, I also have iron, its fragrance and beauty in my "DNA".
My great grandfather mined hard coal. Grandfather, on the other hand, worked at blast furnace where raw steel was produced by smelting iron ore with coke and other ingredients. 

Next in line, my father processed finished iron into industrial products in his workshop.
I spent a lot of time in the workshop from a young age, watching him turn pieces of iron into useful finished products.
That, among other things, also influenced me a lot. The characteristic smell and color of iron have always fascinated me.
And that's why, before I started studying art school, I studied at a secondary technical school where, among other things, I learned to work with iron.

I wish that when someone asks the question of what a painting or artwork would look like that they really want to hang in their apartment, they would find the answer by looking at one of my paintings or artworks.